Software Development

Customized software built for specific purposes can save users countless key strokes and dramatically increase productivity.

Development Services

  • Mobile Apps
  • Windos, Mac or Linux applications
  • Applications augmenting websites
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Some of the software downloads are free and some are low cost, all are Open Source (GPL, AFL or similar licensing).

Software Categories

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Application DevelopmentApplication Development

  • Website based applications
  • Native OS applications
  • Cross platform applications

DataBusiness to Business Data

  • Automated data transfers
  • Manual data uploads
  • Database design

Design and MultimediaDesign and Multimedia

  • Desktop and Mobile UI design
  • Branding and SEO
  • Animation, Video and Audio

Before we start working...

  • Purpose of website or app?
  • Target audience and market.
  • Choose essential features.

During development...

  • Early versions lack full functionality.
  • Features guide the project plan.
  • Designs are updated as needed.

At project deployment...

  • Test target devices.
  • Gauge application usability.
  • Monitor continuously.