About Us

Dabb Media provides web design, software development and video and audio production out of scenic Denver, Colorado. The services focus on websites with solid functionality, backwards compatibility and minimal overhead.

Dabb Media LLC was created by Brent Self in March of 2011. Brent has been working in audio production for over 15 years, video production more than 12 years and website and application programming for over 10 years. He has been employed by start-ups, small businesses and corporations with offices throughout the United States.

Additional artists, programmers and technicians may be hired or consulted for larger projects. Photographers and/or stock photography may also be used, as quality images on a website can dramatically increase curb appeal.

In addition to providing media services, Dabb Media manages its own websites, seen on the Portfolio page. These websites provide a playground for new technologies, products and services.

What does the name mean?

Nothing too profound. Dabb is a abbreviated version of Dabbleganger, a former music project name. It supports the idea of dabbling in various digital media formats. We like the idea that combining various methods, tools and media can yield an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Application DevelopmentApplication Development

  • Website based applications
  • Native OS applications
  • Cross platform applications

DataBusiness to Business Data

  • Automated data transfers
  • Manual data uploads
  • Database design

Design and MultimediaDesign and Multimedia

  • Desktop and Mobile UI design
  • Branding and SEO
  • Animation, Video and Audio

Before we start working...

  • Purpose of website or app?
  • Target audience and market.
  • Choose essential features.

During development...

  • Early versions lack full functionality.
  • Features guide the project plan.
  • Designs are updated as needed.

At project deployment...

  • Test target devices.
  • Gauge application usability.
  • Monitor continuously.